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The Dongguan funda General Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Pearl River Delta cities, Guangdong, China Dongguan City Chashan Nanshe Industrial Park, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the professional production of food machinery of the modern enterprise engaged in planning,design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, maintenance, main production shaqima production lines, automatic frying machine, small bread production line, egg rolls, rice molding machine, biscuit machine

Funda food machinery from the perspective of innovation, from the height of the independent intellectual property rights to develop new products to develop world-class advanced equipment, so that can be truly realized the upgrading of the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry, to promote energy-efficient, automated production, breaking the traditional cuisine of the original hand-made defects, to retain the traditional dishes a unique flavor. We are always full of enthusiasm, sincere cooperation and excellent service after sales for the purpose of, warmly welcome friends at home and abroad consulting order.

The corporate mission is always to open up, continuous innovation, "love" to spread out among the employees and enterprises, and enterprises, society and enterprises. Trusted to provide customers with leading technology machinery and equipment and professional services to help customers succeed!

Business goals based in Guangdong, the country, through our joint efforts, the national industry leader!

Truth-seeking spirit of enterprise and values: nothing to do with asylum, seeking to go rather easy, down to earth, focusing on results, the final performance! Innovation: the pursuit of perfection, continuous improvement! Trust: the respect and trust of individuals, to help employees realize their value!